Winehouse no, HIM maybe

Digital Spy is today reporting that Amy Winehouse will not be singing the Bond theme, but that David Arnold and Don Black are “reportedly more interested in Finnish rock band HIM.”

I am impressed with Winehouse’s publicists. There’s no news about Winehouse, there is something new in the article (HIM) but she still gets the headlines.

Remember that Winehouse is totally old news; it was reported a month ago. And let’s also remember that the first “no” about Winehouse came last May. But she still gets headlines. Whacky.


2 Responses to “Winehouse no, HIM maybe”

  1. I just heard “Back to Black” for the first time today — I hate radio. I was immediately struck by how much Winehouse sounds like Billie Holiday. Then I heard her sing “Love is a Losing Game” and I thought “She’s it!” “She’s the one who should sing the new Bond theme!”
    She’s hip, she’s a Brit, and that Love song sounds exactly like a Bond them song, minus all the horns. I googled Barbara Brocoli to see if I could email her and I found this site. So you email her.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I actually don’t have her email address. This is a totally unofficial site. But I don’t think they’ll be interested. The Broccolis have always hated negative publicity and wouldn’t be happy with a singer as publically troubled as Winehouse.

    But musically, I agree with you.

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