Great news! Daniel Craig through Bond 25

Via CBn, the Hollywood Reporter reveals that Daniel Craig has signed a contract with MGM for four more Bond pictures.

Not only is this good news for fans of Craig’s performance, I think it’s good for Craig as an actor. It lets him breathe in the role. He’s not focused on ‘this picture, then we’ll see;’ he can stretch his legs.

Plus, it should silence a lot of fan speculation about “who’s next?” which, let’s face it, can get old.

By the way, this is as good a place as any to apologize for writing less. I’ve been super, super busy. My intention has always been to have this primarily be a place to discuss Bond, with news and birthdays as a bonus. The past few weeks I know that there’s been too little discussion, and I completely intend to get back to it.


3 Responses to “Great news! Daniel Craig through Bond 25”

  1. Zippertuck Says:

    That is good news! Hopefully the movies will live up to this great Bond actor.

    Having read your book I was hoping you would be writing more so we could get into discussions. I really enjoyed it and I am now starting to go back to all the films and watch them again in light of your book. I am of course going back and watching them totally out of order. IT will be interesting to see if I rate some of the differently from my last viewings. I understand about being busy, so get back to it when you can.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    There will definitely be more discussion. I miss it too.

  3. […] by Deborah Lipp on November 28, 2007 I reported here that Daniel Craig had contracted to play Bond through Bond 25. It was a good source; CBn […]

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