Summing up James Bond (“The One Who” game)

I actually did this in The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book, but I don’t have the manuscript in front of me, and I thought it would be fun to do it again, fresh. I mean, I may end up repeating myself, but I might not.

Here’s the idea: Each actor who played Bond can be characterized, summed up in a few words. Let’s start with the notion that each actor had something valuable to bring to the role, and not be insulting, and then let’s see where we go.

Sean Connery is the one who…
is Scottish.
Created the role.
Has a lisp.
Kills in cold blood.

George Lazenby is the one who…
is Australian.
Only played Bond once.
Has dimples.
Broke a stuntman’s nose during his audition.

Roger Moore is the one who…
was “a gentleman spy.”
Made more Bond films than anyone else.
Raised one eyebrow.
Was tongue-in-cheek.

Timothy Dalton is the one who…
is Welsh.
Was the “dark Bond.”
Is known for playing villains in numerous movies.
Is the tallest Bond.

Pierce Brosnan is the one who…
is Irish.
Straightens his tie.
Seems like a combination of all his predecessors.
Should have gotten one more chance!

Daniel Craig is the one who…
is blond.
Is the shortest Bond.
Surprised a lot of fans.
Is the “rebooted” Bond.

Your turn!


15 Responses to “Summing up James Bond (“The One Who” game)”

  1. Sean Connery is the one who…
    is the macho-chauvinistic Bond.
    He is the jack-of-all trades Bond.

    George Lazenby is the one who…
    is experience lacking Bond.

    Roger Moore is the one who…
    is the whimsical Bond.
    He is the only Bond to wear safari suits.

    Timothy Dalton is the one who…
    is the angry man’s Bond.
    He is relentless and crude.

    Pierce Brosnan is the one who…
    is the charming Bond.
    He is sophisticaed and elegant.

    Daniel Craig is the one who…
    is unrefined and raw Bond.
    He is getting his feet wet.

  2. OOps error above on Moore & Bronson, last lines need to be switched. Please fix it.

  3. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Fixed! Nice contribution.

  4. Sean Connery is the one who..
    defined the role
    got bored with the role
    defined cool
    but was a bit of a dork

    George Lazenby is the who one
    did one film
    was too young for the bond he portrayed
    had the most youthful exuberance
    should have stuck around to do more

    Roger Moore is the one who
    is the quintessential gentlemen
    lived the role
    looked the best
    had the wittiest comebacks

    Timothy Dalton is the one who
    tried to capture the spirit of Fleming
    dressed the worst
    was unconvincing as Bond
    is such a good actor he is still impossible not to like

    Pierce Brosnan is the one who
    was born to play the role
    dressed the best
    overplayed the emotional scenes
    ran like the wind

    Daniel Craig is the one who
    is the most convincing
    is the best actor
    combines arrogance and determination perfectly
    will be the best Bond ever

  5. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Nice, Joe.

  6. msherm007 Says:

    Sean Connery made the mold.

    George Lazenby broke it.

    Roger Moore molded Bond’s sophistication.

    Tim Dalton found Ian Fleming’s cast.

    Pierce Brosnan molded himself making four films.

    Daniel Craig’s mold will shine in Bond 22 if the screenplay is as strong as 21’s.

  7. cantara wali Says:

    I’m happy to post comment here. It’s a nice blog. Thanx for giving me the opportunity to give my opinion.

    Here we go now,

    Sean Connery looked intelligent and sharp on screen. He is prudent and at the same time cold blooded Bond. He has the tremendous acting skill and he knew how to use it.

    George Lezenby was perhaps too young for the Bond character.

    Roger Moore was sophisticated, intelligent, lively. He portrayed the Bond with a gentle and urban image.

    Timothy Dulton succeeded to bring out the angry and furious image of the Bond. I’ll say he in some extent helped create a versatile image of Bond which is not too goody or too sophisticated or mild. That is good.

    Pierce Brosnan is a successful and brilliant Bond actor. He is well dressed, well spoken, and elegant.

    Daniel Craig may be wasn’t that sophisticated in his first Bond movie. But his personality in some extent suits well with the 007. After having watched Layer cake and Munich, I’ll say he is a versatile actor too and who knows, may be he has the potentials to be the best Bond ever!

    Have a nice day all.

  8. cantara wali Says:

    Sean Connery was intelligent.

    Roger Moore was smart, sophisticated.

    Pierce Brosnan was brilliant.

    Daniel Craig is promising.

    All actors have their own distinctive qualities.

  9. tom nickerson Says:

    Connery was a good first bond he was tough and cool.

    Lezenby should have done more than one or none at all.

    Moore was exelent and the biigest smart ass but mabey got to be a little to old to play bond towrd the end of his time.

    Dalton made bond seem to serious and he didn’t have a good sense of humor.

    Brosnan in my oppinion was the best. He brought bond out of a six year slump and had all the right elements to play bond.

    Craig is a very good choice for bond and i am looking foward to see how he will impact the character.

  10. Curious that Mr. Brosnan has not responded to the claims of a homeless woman who claims she is his half-sister. Shocks me that someone who claims to care so much for our planet etc ignores her!

  11. Carol Plants Says:

    Hello- I thought those interested would like to know I was contacted by Pierce’s attorney after the story release. I was told that Pierce is neither obligated nor interested in proving or disproving I’m his sister. I was also warned to stop talking to the press or steps would be taken to shut me up. Our cousin in Ireland asked if we could test ourselves and by pass Pierce in this. Unfortunately cousins are not closely enough related. So this stays in limbo as long as Pierce remains silent. However it is his business and whether he claims me or not, please don’t smear the family name.- Carol Plants

  12. Carol, please stop this! You do not want to go where your going. Your sister.

  13. Carol Plants is not Pierce Brosnan’s sister, but she is my sister! If anyone knows where she is, please get her some help! And Carol if you read this at least send the girls to their grandmother where they will be safe!!!! and at least have a chance.

  14. Climb back in your bottle Sheila. Your opinion isn’t needed now. As I recall you never gave a damn about me or my life before, so stay out now.

  15. i think all 5 played bond in their own way , but the producer shoud not forget the main character written by Sir flemming. I will humbly request to the director and producer of james bond to pl don’t make bont a ruthless killer. He is the person the world is looking at him for big solution.the latest bond film lack story power on a international topic. the world is fighting with terrior . SO ,PL make bond more globaly accepted . if probucer in story targetting on asia and its problem pl feel free to ask me consultency free. thanks. Abhishek Anand,New Delhi. 09810276329

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