More Bond Girl Rumors: Mayrin Villanueva and Cléo Pires

Here’s a blog saying other (unnamed) blogs have declared Mayrin Villanueva the new Bond girl (or the new Bond girl frontrunner). The same blog also sites The New York Post (another bastion of respectability), quoting, as saying it’s Cléo Pires.

What MI6 actually says, if you look at all the stories it’s published, is that Juliana Paes and Cléo Pires were the frontrunners (Nov. 9), that Mayrin Villanueva’s husband says she’s the new Bond girl (Nov. 12) and that Juliana Paes has said she’s not really in the running (today).

You know what? I think we’ll know when Eon announces it, and not before.

Mayrin Villanueva
Mayrin Villanueva

Cléo Pires
Cléo Pires


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