What is a Bond song?

This seems like a stupid question, but any Bond fan interested in a discussion of Bond songs actually has to ask it.

Is a Bond song the song that plays during the title sequence? That includes the James Bond Theme, which plays during the titles for Dr. No, but most people don’t include Three Blind Mice, which also plays during that film’s titles. For myself, I’m inclined not to include the Bond Theme, since it’s in all the movies, whereas all other Bond songs are tied to one movie.

Another definition is the song that Eon puts out in the hopes of charting. In that case, the Dr. No song is Jump Up Jamaica, which was a huge hit in Jamaica as a movie tie-in song.

Thing is, if people like a song they want to say it goes on the list of Bond songs, and if they don’t, all of a sudden it doesn’t belong. In terms of mid-movie songs, obviously We Have All the Time in the World from OHMSS has to be included, right? Then why not the odious Make It Last All Night from FYEO? If closing credit songs are included, that should mean Surrender from TND and The Experience of Love from GoldenEye, but to tell you the truth, people only really want to include Surrender.

A comprehensive list normally includes Mr. Kiss-Kiss, Bang-Bang, which wasn’t even in any movie, but what about well-loved covers of Bond songs, like Guns n Roses doing Live and Let Die?

It’s all very confusing. Here’s what I decided. My book includes every Bond song that appears in a Bond movie (including mid-movie snippets like Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?) and closing credits songs (If There Was a Man), but not covers or extras. Except Mr. Kiss-Kiss, Bang-Bang, which I allow as a special exception.

See all that? And I haven’t even discussed the music yet!


3 Responses to “What is a Bond song?”

  1. Not sure what the above has to do with the topic, but I will just ignore it.

    I think that Bond music possibly should be separated into title music and non-title music. Even though I have on my Top 10 List Matt Monroe’s From Russia with Love. Although I could easily exchange that for the instrumental song used in the titles of that movie. That way you can use the James Bond Theme, but I completely understand not wanting to use it since it is so universal, but the original music for that theme is amazing and has never been rivaled. Having listened to much of the soundtrack music from just about all of the films there are many musical sections from the films that are amazing, but I would never list them as my favorite songs from the films. So if it were up to me I would have James Bond Theme Music and then James Bond Music, which would then include all individual songs that were not used as title theme music.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I deleted the spam.

    I happen to think that the Bond Theme is one of the greatest instrumentals of the 20th Century, and I sort of hate to put it in competition with other Bond music, because the other songs can’t possibly hold up.

  3. Zippertuck Says:

    I agree and it’s hard to know where to place the James Bond Theme. Maybe I will reevaluate my top ten, which I posted in the earlier post about music, and see what gets in if I take that off. My head is swirling in Bond music, especially the fantastic score to From russia with Love.

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