Putting the Humor Rumor to Rest

There are lots of Daniel Craig interviews out this week, because he’s doing the press junket circuit for The Golden Compass. This one from Coming Soon at last quashes the joke rumor.

CS: I read somewhere you’re going to inject a bit more humor into the next movie.
Craig: I was lying. I said, “Yes, it’s going to be funny.” I don’t remember saying that, but if I did, I’m not going to shy away from the fact the occasionally there should be humor. I just don’t like gags. I don’t like written gags. That’s not the way I’ve ever liked working and I don’t think that’s funny myself.

CS: “Casino Royale” marked a welcome return to the style and sensibilities of the earlier Bond movies, rather than the jokey more recent movies.
Craig: The idea of having jokes in Bond I don’t think is completely wrong, but I think the jokes to need to come out [of] tension. There needs to be moments of humor because we’ve all been sitting on the edge of our seat. I don’t think you should write gags in Bond.


4 Responses to “Putting the Humor Rumor to Rest”

  1. That’s a relief…I too was upset when initially the producers wanted to inject some more humour.

    Those silly gags ruin movies and Casino Royale had the perfect amount of subtle humour and as Craig said…humour to release tension. That is acceptable and keeps the franchise sane, not silly.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    The producers never wanted to object more humor. It was a rumor started when Daniel Craig made a joke about how the next movie was going to be a comedy. It was taken seriously and ended up all over the ‘net.

  3. […] by Deborah Lipp on November 29, 2007 So, there’s been all sorts of news out of Daniel Craig’s rough-but-sexy mouth lately. And I’ve been reporting the items I […]

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