My thoughts on the Craig Interviews

So, there’s been all sorts of news out of Daniel Craig’s rough-but-sexy mouth lately. And I’ve been reporting the items I find most interesting here.

This is a personal blog. It is one author’s reflection on James Bond and the Bond films. (I intend to invite other Bond writers to co-blog, but I haven’t arranged that yet. I think it’ll be fun.) So I don’t report every story, or even report in any kind of organized fashion.

Sometimes, though, I get really busy, and I just throw the stories out there with little comment. Since this is a personal blog, that’s not as satisfying. So I’m taking some time today to comment on the past few days of stories.

My overall feeling is a kind of internal told-you-so. Okay, totally not true about the four picture deal. I believed it because it came from usually reliable sources. And I was excited about it. But I was also…weirded out is probably the best phrase. I know Bond well enough to know that such deals are unprecedented nowadays. Three pictures? Maybe. Brosnan signed for three. But four? Four when Craig has been widely reported, from the beginning, as having taken the role reluctantly? And having insisted on reading the script beforehand?

I was happy about the news. Happy that a talented actor who had handled the role well was locked in. Happy that the constantly churning “who’s next?” rumor mill would STFU for a couple of years. But I was also confused, because it didn’t sound like something Eon would do, something Craig would do, or something Sony would do.

So, disappointed, but not shocked. And there’s a good side to it. If Eon and Sony need excellent scripts to make sure Craig keeps signing on the dotted line, that’s kind of motivating. Carrot and stick and all that.

The humor rumor, that was where I was really in “I told you so” mode. Because I did. In retrospect, looking at the quotes, it sounded totally like he was “taking the piss.” Referencing what a “great name” Octopussy was? Does that sound right?

There is a lesson here about not listening to every stray rumor. But Bond fans won’t learn it. Oh, well, it’ll keep me writing.


2 Responses to “My thoughts on the Craig Interviews”

  1. Slightly off topic here, but I thought I’d point out that MSN has a new list ranking the 21 Bond films. Not the worst list I’ve ever seen from a mainstream media outlet…

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:


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