Max von Sydow drops a bomb on Bond 22!

The Film Experience has an interview up with Max von Sydow, who is promoting his new movie, The Diving Bell and Butterfly. Starring as von Sydow’s son in Diving Bell is Mathieu Amalric, who has been strongly rumored, lately, to be the villain for Bond 22. I’ll let von Sydow tell the rest (emphasis added):

N: Were you familiar with Mathieu Amalric before making the movie?

MVS: I didn’t know him. I met him for the first time in front of the camera …which happens all the time. Unfortunately.

N: Then you really have to find that familial connection quickly.

MVS: This can be very absurd. I don’t like this situation. I’d rather be at least a little bit acquainted with actors I work with. He’s a very good actor. He has directed also. He’s done a lot of good work.

MVS: He’s directed films also. He’s going to be Blofeld in the next James Bond.

N: Oh! [editors note: Max von Sydow also played Blofeld in the 1983 James Bond film one-off Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery]

What? Blofeld? What?


6 Responses to “Max von Sydow drops a bomb on Bond 22!”

  1. […] in “Bond 22″?? Yeah, I’m a serious Bond nerd, loved Casino Royale, etc.  The wonderful Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog has a piece on a rumor of Ernst Stavro Blofeld making a c…  You gotta be kidding me.  BLOFELD??  Can’t they come up with an ORIGINAL Bond villain?? […]

  2. Same here, tired of Blofeld. Come on you dimwats. CR started off in the right direction and now a complete 360 with the villian idea.

  3. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I wonder if Amalric told Von Sydow he had “the villain” part, and Von Sydow assumed it was Blofeld?

  4. […] Max von Sydow drops a bomb on Bond 22! […]

  5. RosiePowell Says:

    Oh God! Blofeld again? Haven’t they (namely EON) gotten tired of that old warhorse yet?

  6. […] the way, Lonsdale played Amalric’s father in Munich (and former Blofeld Max von Sydow—who got it wrong about Amalric in QOS—plays his father in The Diving […]

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