Tracy: The point of continuity

In discussions of continuity, you can mention characters such as Felix, time anamolies (the obvious fact that Bond cannot have been having these adventures since 1962 and still be in his 30s or 40s), and discrepancies (Bond has expertise in Oriental languages in You Only Live Twice, but cannot read a Chinese keyboard in Tomorrow Never Dies). But from 1969 through to 2002, there was one undeniable point of continuity: Tracy Bond, nee Teresa di Vicenzo.

Tracy is the only person or thing that, from her introduction, is treated consistently as if she is an integral part of Bond’s past. Bond seeks Blofeld for revenge in DAF. Agent XXX mentions Tracy in TSWLM. Bond visits her grave in FYEO, Felix mentions her in LTK, and there is what some fans consider an oblique reference to her in TWINE.

In the novels, the wounded heart of Bond was always a subtext, following Vesper’s suicide in the first 007 book, Casino Royale. Tracy was introduced quite late in the series, and her death nearly destroyed Bond. In the films, Bond had a cool, untouchable exterior until Tracy came along, and then carried the grief in silence. Now, we are in a new Bond era, and the wound, again, is the betrayal by, and loss of, Vesper Lynd.


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