New Bond Girl Rumor: Gemma Arterton

Hey, it’s been a month since the last Bond Girl rumor, so I guess it’s right on time. Several sites say it’s 22 year old British newcomer Gemma Arterton. It’s possible, of course, that this one is for real; eventually they have to cast someone, but the announcement is not official and I wouldn’t put real money down. Don’t forget she could be cast in the movie without being “the” Bond girl.



4 Responses to “New Bond Girl Rumor: Gemma Arterton”

  1. There is something very Jennifer Garner/Alias about her. Might work.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    In this picture, she looks like she’s about 16. I’d like a little more depth than that, but one picture isn’t going to prove anything.

  3. She got the looks, maybe one of Bond’s conquest in bed…nothing much more.

  4. She isn’t even hot… too cutesy… waht happened to casting bombshells as Bond girls?

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