More thoughts on Gemma Arterton

Here’s the thing: There are many women in a Bond movie. A young woman like Gemma Arterton, who may or may not know Bond films particularly well, who may be excited about getting a part when she’s such an unknown, might very well text her friend to say she’s the new Bond girl (as is rumored).

Well, let’s think this over. We know they’re looking for an olive-skinned ethnic type, perhaps Israeli, perhaps Mexican or Brazilian. Gemma Arterton is British.

Daniel Craig says the new movie will hearken back to the days of Connery, so let’s look at Connery’s first film. Had there been such a thing as texting back then, Ursula Andress could certainly have texted her friends the good news. So could Eunice Gayson. So could Zena Marshall. And probably Marguerite LeWars would have sent such a text as well. All of these are important characters, but only Andress is “the” Bond girl.

All I’m saying is, I doubt that Gemma Arterton is “the” Bond girl. I’ve been wrong before.


2 Responses to “More thoughts on Gemma Arterton”

  1. Maybe this actress- being British and all- is the new Miss Moneypenny?

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    That’s an interesting thought, Peter. It had crossed my mind, but I think I read there is definitely no new Moneypenny. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s definite on Q and not on Moneypenny.

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