The Misrepresented Vicar

This is all over the RSS feeds; it’s been on the CNN site, everywhere.

A FORMER Bond girl turned vicar is helping hard-up families in Merseyside build new homes in a pioneering skill-swap scheme.

Rev Shannon Ledbetter is masterminding the £1.9m project that will see a series of houses built in an area blighted since the 1981 Toxteth Riots, in Liverpool.

Shannon appeared alongside heart-throb Pierce Brosnan in the 1997 James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies.

The former model sported a £250,000 PVC dress in the movie and has appeared on the covers of numerous glossy magazines around the world.

Blah blah blah. Habitat for Humanity is a good cause, and she’s obviously playing the Bond girl card to get media attention, but give me a break. Aren’t vicars obligated to be honest?

If this woman was in Tomorrow Never Dies at all, she was a background extra; they threw a dress on her and told her to walk around; probably in the huge (huge! and crowded!) Carver party scene in Hamburg. (Presuming she’s not just lying outright, that’s the only place for a nameless woman in a glamorous gown.)

And if she wants to be a Lyin’ Misrepresented Vicar to promote her cause, fine, but is no news service professional enough to do the minimum amount of fact-checking? It’s like “Bond” is the get out of jail free card, anyone can claim to be a Bond girl. Hey! Me too! I’m a Bond girl! I totally drove on the same highway as Bond did in LALD. Ten years later. I did!

Update: I originally titled this post “the Lyin’ Vicar” but have changed it because Shannon Ledbetter herself has commented here that she has not been the one spreading this spurious tale. I am grateful for her input.


3 Responses to “The Misrepresented Vicar”

  1. Shannon Ledbetter Says:

    Unfortunately, the ‘news service professionals’ don’t offer me the opportunity to proof read their articles before publication and I am as surprised as anyone at my supposed role in Tomorrow Never Dies. Perhaps it was my stunt double who lived that superstar life! However, I will continue to publicise the cause of Habitat for Humanity International, and hopefully, people will look past the media hype to the real story. By the way, if the press is so intent on perpetuating this story, it is a shame that they don’t have me co-starring with Sean Connery…! FYI

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Shannon, I am delighted to hear from you! It is great that you are making an effort to set this story straight, despite the best efforts of media hacks! I’d love to know from you what your real role actually was.

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