Movie Poster Rankings

Commenter Jay suggests ranking the Bond movie posters. To reduce the list to a manageable number, these would have to be the primary U.S. one-sheets. Jay helpfully provides a link.

#1 Dr. No—I love the multi-colored women.
#2 Octopussy—Very clever.
#3 Live and Let Die—Love the early 70s stylin’s, and I love incorporating characters onto the Tarot cards.
#4 From Russia With Love—Very mysterious; a throwback to an earlier era, it could be a Hitchcock poster.
#5 The World Is Not Enough—Few modern posters achieve real elegance and intelligence. This one does it by using the compass to swirl the plot around an ironic Brosnan and two beautiful co-stars.
#6 Goldfinger—Gold.
#7 The Spy Who Loved Me—Could easily place this Peter-Max influenced piece at #1.
#8 Licence to Kill—Straightforward and direct, classic; love Sanchez’s looming eye.
#9 For Your Eyes Only—A little too Freudian but nicely designed.
#10 GoldenEye—It shouldn’t be so similar to the movie preceding it, but remember there were six years between movies, and a reminder about Bond is probably exactly what they wanted.
#11 Thunderball—Busy; I prefer the version with just the bottom panel, and the one-woman door posters.
#12 Diamonds Are Forever
#13 Moonraker—But why are his arms crossed? He looks like a vampire.
#14 Casino Royale
#15 Tomorrow Never Dies—Brosnan looks like a child.
#16 TMWTGG—Moore has dark circles under his eyes.
#17 OHMSS—I’ve never liked Lazenby’s coy pose in this.
#18 AVTAK—Speaking of Freudian.
#19 The Living Daylights—This is just bad layout.
#20 Die Another Day—Ugly and such a disappointment after the excellent teaser.
#21 You Only Live Twice—Looks like the MAD Magazine cover for the parody “You Only Sheesh Twice.”


4 Responses to “Movie Poster Rankings”

  1. Timmy J McTim Says:

    I still love the Living Daylights teaser poster — the one that says, “The Most Dangerous Bond. Ever.”

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Yeah, we could do this again with the teasers. GoldenEye’s Bond Is Back is fantastic as well.

  3. Slumber Inc. Says:

    Since I have the Goldfinger and Thunderball posters, I suppose I’m a little partial to them. If I ever bought another one, I’d get the Diamonds Are Forever poster.

    I’m a little surprised the Octopussy poster is at No. 2 … I figured it would be the All Time Highest ranked poster on the list! 🙂

    OK, that was awful.

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Well, those are just my personal rankings.

    The ones I own are Goldfinger (cheap repro) and Casino Royale (got my hands on a real one on ebay when they first came out, and snatched it up).

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