Gemma Arterton is “Fields”

CBn has the news. It has been officially confirmed by Eon that Gemma Arterton will play “Fields” in Bond 22. She is not the female lead, who will be announced in two weeks.

“Fields” sounds totally like an MI6 name, like “Villiers” or “Robinson.” So even though it seems she’s not Moneypenny, I feel like they’re messing with us; like they’re casting a kind-of-Moneypenny but avoiding the name. And I think that’s a foolish decision.


11 Responses to “Gemma Arterton is “Fields””

  1. Because I’m sometimes an optimistic chap, I’m holding out hope that this is an unsubstantiated “leak” to the media.

    As we get closer to the end of filming, we’ll find out the fabled Ms. Fields is indeed Moneypenny.

    If not, and she plays an assistant type role, I will also suffer a disappointed pang.

  2. … Or maybe she’s an all together different character…?

    “Fields” as “in the field.”

    Could she be another agent?

  3. Deborah Lipp Says:

    She could be a sacrificial lamb. Or she could have an unimportant assignation with Bond, like Dr. Warmflash or Professor Ingstrom.

  4. Yes, likely another ‘Solange’ type.

  5. Deborah Lipp Says:

    The “Solange” type has an extensive history in the Bond films, all the way back to Aki in YOLT (one of my favorites).

  6. James,no not that james Says:

    Well, I must say…You folks don’t see the demure allure and naughty twinkle in this little lass’ eye. I think she’ll make a fresh-faced and fabulous Bond Girl…Here,Here! You go Gemma!

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  8. Deborah Lipp Says:

    James, she seems very alluring, but she’s 22 years old and she doesn’t seem to have much substance. I don’t think we’re talking lead actress.

  9. AmericanWerewolf Says:

    It could be that it is actually bonds secretary, because ms. moneypenny wasnt his secretary, and if you read the Moonraker novel bond’s secretary actually has more of a role than moneypenny.

  10. Deborah Lipp Says:

    The press release is out; she’s an MI6 agent.

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