Roger Moore gets a publisher

I have seen about twenty news releases telling me that Roger Moore was writing an autobiography called My Word Is My Bond. I couldn’t figure out why this was news, since I blogged it back in October.

Okay, after two days, I’ve got it. It’s because he signed a deal with HarperCollins. But seriously? Whoop-de-doo. Was there anyone in the world who thought maybe he wouldn’t be able to find an interested publisher?

The amount of non-news in the world annoys me. It’s news when Moore announces the book. It’s news when the book is published and we can read it and review it and discuss it. All the gradations of progress in between are not news. Signing with HarperCollins? Not news. Finishing Chapter 1 and progressing on to Chapter 2? Not news. Buying a new ream of paper? Not! News!

Geez Pete.


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