Favorite Film Weapons

The Press Association reports on a survey of 2,000 film fans on their favorite movie weapons. Coming in #1 was the Star Wars light saber.

Bond weapons made the list twice: Odd Job’s bowler hat and Scaramanga’s golden gun were #10 and #6. The idiot Press Association reported both of those weapons as belonging to Bond, but we know better.


5 Responses to “Favorite Film Weapons”

  1. frank herbert Says:

    Simple..Aston Martin DB 5

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    As a weapon?

  3. frank herbert Says:

    Sure,Bond used the machine guns,the smoke screen and oil slick caused other cars to crash,,as Webster say’s Weapon= instument to figth with: Would a figther aircraft be called a weapon?

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Yeah, I guess I’d put a fighter aircraft as a vehicle. You ride in it. You can use the vehicular part without using the weapons, but not vice versa. So I wouldn’t classify the car as a weapon.

    BUT I now see your point and there’s definitely a gray area!

  5. Some of those selections are pretty lame (e.g. bow/arrow & whip & Death Star??). I’d take the cross-bow instead.

    I’d include the proton packs from Ghostbuster and Bruce Lee’s nunchucks. For firearms there are so many of them.

    From the Bond collection, how about the wrist dart gun from Moonraker? I like that.

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