I didn’t know that!

I was researching some trivia and learned that Valerie Perrine was one of Shady Tree’s Acorns in Diamonds Are Forever.

It’s not like this is a mystery that I am the first to discover, it’s on IMDb and everywhere else. But I’d never realized it before and it’s a nice bit of trivia. It was Perrine’s first film role, but a year later, she co-starred in Slaughterhouse Five directed by George Roy Hill, and by 1974 she was nominated for an Oscar for Lenny.

Perrine as Miss Tessmacher


2 Responses to “I didn’t know that!”

  1. Off-topic but a different question:

    Is it Jacques Boitier or Jacques Bouvar in Thunderball?

    Connery and Blofled clearly call him Colonel Jacques Bouvar in the film.

    Books like the Essential Bond and The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book (who wrote that) list him as Jacques Boitier. The TB end-credits list him as “Madame Boitier”.

    Am I going nuts?

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    You’re not going nuts, it is indeed pronounced Bouvar in the film, but all written sources confirm it is Boiter.

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