…the pleasure I’m sure is all mine!

Hello all…

This is Head of Section, from the Being James Bond podcast!

Being James Bond is dedicated to learning and exploring all we need to know so that we can live life the way James Bond does. If James Bond can do it, we can do it! You can check out our podcast via iTunes, or through our site, BeingJamesBond.com.

I have known Deb Lipp for many years now! We’ve been chatting back and forth for years on various Bond related topics on several message boards, and forever battling over the merits of Diamonds Are Forever versus On Her Majesty’s Secret Service! We have even gone to several Bond functions together, and been front and center on opening night for Die Another Day and Casino Royale (where I had one martini too many).

When her book was released, I was thrilled for her. And when I grabbed my copy of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book, I was absolutely taken away. It’s got to be one of the juiciest Bond trivia books I have ever seen. Any time I think up a question about the Bond films which I’m unsure about, I grab her book! It’s truly am amazing piece of work! (Though, I still haven’t fully forgiven her for giving OHMSS a score of 3 in her book!)

I’m thrilled she’s invited me to join her blog, and I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with other Bond fans, and other ‘Ultimate James Bond Fan Book’ fans!

Keep living like Bond,

Head of Section


One Response to “…the pleasure I’m sure is all mine!”

  1. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I definitely had MORE than one martini too many on CR opening night.

    I changed your user privileges so that your posts show up without me having to review them. I didn’t actually know that’s what I’d done when I set you up. All fixed now.

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