Wow, I feel so abandoned (Open thread)

This blog was averaging a moderate amount of hits for the longest time, then it started climbing. And climbing until I doubled my average for a couple of weeks there, with spikes when casting was announced.

Now you’ve all left. What’s up with that?

I’ve got two new writers who will be joining us here. I’ve announced Matt but then I guess life got a little crazy. He’ll be back. My other writer I’ll announce when he’s actually here so as not to kill you with anticipation twice.

Anyway, with the sudden onset of quiet, now’s a good time to ask what you’d like to see on this site. Pictures are popular and always get tons of hits. I know trivia is often asked so I’ll keep up with that.

So let’s make this an open thread about what kinds of questions you’d like answered, what kind of content you’d like to see, and anything else you want.


3 Responses to “Wow, I feel so abandoned (Open thread)”

  1. Aside from regular news on everything Bond…how about some more feature articles as (some are already being done) :

    1. Top ‘#’ lists
    2. Favourites (e.g. action sequence, fight scence, comical moments, etc.)
    3. Comparison or this vs. that discussions.
    4. Question & Answer forum for readers
    5. Essays on Bond – impact in the movie industry; iconic status on society; cultural phenomen…etc..
    6. Quote and/or trivia of the day.
    7. A little facelift for the blog page…a little visually appealing?

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I will look into a facelift; I’m not all that when it comes to some of the newer tools for web design.

    Post your q&a’s here, Jay, and I’ll save them as subjects for future blog posts.

    And click the category “best & worst” to see what lists we’ve already covered. There are several.

  3. Who are the new writers? Anyone cool?? 😉

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