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Lost in Translation

Posted in References, Roger Moore, Sean Connery with tags , , , , on January 4, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

The movie Lost in Translation, which I watched last night, has a lot of James Bond tie-in. First, Bill Murray’s character is filming a Suntory Whiskey commercial in Tokyo. Then he does a photo shoot for the product’s magazine ads. The photographer, whose English is minimal, asks Murray to assume various poses and suggests a James Bond pose (mimes shooting a gun) and says “Roger Moore! Roger Moore!” Murray says he prefers Connery, but the photographer says “No, no Connery. Roger Moore!”

Connery did a Suntory Whiskey ad.

At another point in the film, an American actress staying at the hotel sings in the hotel lounge (the lounge singer must be on break) and does an awful rendition of Nobody Does It Better.

Overall, the enormous anxiety of being a foreigner in Tokyo, expressed in the film, also seems to tie into You Only Live Twice.