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Roger Moore gets a publisher

Posted in Roger Moore, Wacky Media with tags , , on January 17, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

I have seen about twenty news releases telling me that Roger Moore was writing an autobiography called My Word Is My Bond. I couldn’t figure out why this was news, since I blogged it back in October.

Okay, after two days, I’ve got it. It’s because he signed a deal with HarperCollins. But seriously? Whoop-de-doo. Was there anyone in the world who thought maybe he wouldn’t be able to find an interested publisher?

The amount of non-news in the world annoys me. It’s news when Moore announces the book. It’s news when the book is published and we can read it and review it and discuss it. All the gradations of progress in between are not news. Signing with HarperCollins? Not news. Finishing Chapter 1 and progressing on to Chapter 2? Not news. Buying a new ream of paper? Not! News!

Geez Pete.


I saw Black Book last night

Posted in Bond Girls, Wacky Media with tags , , on January 10, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

…and now I have to say, despite the fact that the Carice van Houten rumors were always wacky, I understand why they appealed to people. Van Houten has a dark, vulnerable beauty that seems brooding and sad, and a smile that is dazzling. She’d have been a worthy follow-up to Eva Green.

Not that I’m unhappy about the current choices. We shall see.

Barbara Broccoli in the spotlight

Posted in Wacky Media with tags on January 10, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

Here’s a nice article on Barbara Broccoli, a little bio, a little Bond. My favorite quote:

Bond-watching is, of course, a mildly hysterical media pursuit and every snippet of news reported with gusto: Bond girls revealed! Bond shoots in Barbican Centre! Bond stamps exposed!

My regular readers know how much I love exposing the foibles of the media, which even has its own category. I avoid reporting every single story, because this is a site for interested fans to discuss interesting things. I pick and choose stories I personally find interesting.

Oh, and here’s another great quote, if you want to know what it’s like to grow up a Broccoli:

“I thought James Bond was a real person until I was 6 or 7,” she has said. “He was like this mysterious relative who people talked about. You were always waiting for him to arrive at Christmas.”

The Misrepresented Vicar Speaks

Posted in Wacky Media with tags on January 6, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

A short while ago, I posted something called The Lyin’ Vicar about the many news stories saying a “former Bond girl” named Shannon Ledbetter is now a vicar working for Habitat for Humanity.

Now Shannon Ledbetter herself has arrived in our comments to let us know she is not the one spinning the story. As usual, it’s the hacky wacky media. So here is a public apology for calling her a liar without knowing the whole story.

The Misrepresented Vicar

Posted in Wacky Media with tags , , on December 27, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

This is all over the RSS feeds; it’s been on the CNN site, everywhere.

A FORMER Bond girl turned vicar is helping hard-up families in Merseyside build new homes in a pioneering skill-swap scheme.

Rev Shannon Ledbetter is masterminding the £1.9m project that will see a series of houses built in an area blighted since the 1981 Toxteth Riots, in Liverpool.

Shannon appeared alongside heart-throb Pierce Brosnan in the 1997 James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies.

The former model sported a £250,000 PVC dress in the movie and has appeared on the covers of numerous glossy magazines around the world.

Blah blah blah. Habitat for Humanity is a good cause, and she’s obviously playing the Bond girl card to get media attention, but give me a break. Aren’t vicars obligated to be honest?

If this woman was in Tomorrow Never Dies at all, she was a background extra; they threw a dress on her and told her to walk around; probably in the huge (huge! and crowded!) Carver party scene in Hamburg. (Presuming she’s not just lying outright, that’s the only place for a nameless woman in a glamorous gown.)

And if she wants to be a Lyin’ Misrepresented Vicar to promote her cause, fine, but is no news service professional enough to do the minimum amount of fact-checking? It’s like “Bond” is the get out of jail free card, anyone can claim to be a Bond girl. Hey! Me too! I’m a Bond girl! I totally drove on the same highway as Bond did in LALD. Ten years later. I did!

Update: I originally titled this post “the Lyin’ Vicar” but have changed it because Shannon Ledbetter herself has commented here that she has not been the one spreading this spurious tale. I am grateful for her input.

More thoughts on Gemma Arterton

Posted in Bond Girls, Quantum of Solace, Wacky Media with tags on December 17, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Here’s the thing: There are many women in a Bond movie. A young woman like Gemma Arterton, who may or may not know Bond films particularly well, who may be excited about getting a part when she’s such an unknown, might very well text her friend to say she’s the new Bond girl (as is rumored).

Well, let’s think this over. We know they’re looking for an olive-skinned ethnic type, perhaps Israeli, perhaps Mexican or Brazilian. Gemma Arterton is British.

Daniel Craig says the new movie will hearken back to the days of Connery, so let’s look at Connery’s first film. Had there been such a thing as texting back then, Ursula Andress could certainly have texted her friends the good news. So could Eunice Gayson. So could Zena Marshall. And probably Marguerite LeWars would have sent such a text as well. All of these are important characters, but only Andress is “the” Bond girl.

All I’m saying is, I doubt that Gemma Arterton is “the” Bond girl. I’ve been wrong before.

New Bond Girl Rumor: Gemma Arterton

Posted in Bond Girls, Quantum of Solace, Wacky Media with tags , on December 14, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Hey, it’s been a month since the last Bond Girl rumor, so I guess it’s right on time. Several sites say it’s 22 year old British newcomer Gemma Arterton. It’s possible, of course, that this one is for real; eventually they have to cast someone, but the announcement is not official and I wouldn’t put real money down. Don’t forget she could be cast in the movie without being “the” Bond girl.