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Eva Green #6 on Blackwell’s 10 Worst Dressed

Posted in Bond Girls with tags , , , on January 9, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

So, if this is January, it must be time for Mr. Blackwell’s annual 10 Worst Dressed Women of the Year list.

Topping the list is Posh Spice, and frequently-rumored Amy Winehouse makes #2. Our girl Vesper makes #6, and I have to say, when Lindy Hemming isn’t dressing her, she does tend to look kind of like an alien. I mean, layers of weird makeup and strangely sprayed hair in outfits that seem to have a perfectly random relationship to her figure.

So here’s to you, Eva. You are very beautiful, a very talented actress, and very, very strange. Mr. Blackwell has done well by recognizing this.


Winehouse no, HIM maybe

Posted in Wacky Media with tags , , , on October 18, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Digital Spy is today reporting that Amy Winehouse will not be singing the Bond theme, but that David Arnold and Don Black are “reportedly more interested in Finnish rock band HIM.”

I am impressed with Winehouse’s publicists. There’s no news about Winehouse, there is something new in the article (HIM) but she still gets the headlines.

Remember that Winehouse is totally old news; it was reported a month ago. And let’s also remember that the first “no” about Winehouse came last May. But she still gets headlines. Whacky.

Guess who’s back?

Posted in Wacky Media with tags , on September 17, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Amy Winehouse. Seriously, I think that she has been reported as out of Bond 22 more often than in.

Now, the story is that, although she was going to be singing the Bond 22 theme, now she won’t (remember that there were already stories saying she wasn’t going to do the song).

British singer Amy Winehouse has been dumped by ‘James Bond’ producers over her recent ‘bad behaviour’, according to reports.

The Rehab star was rumoured to be in talks with bosses from the superspy franchise to record the theme tune to the next Bond movie, but her hospitalisation last month after three days of hard partying has allegedly place the deal in jeopardy.

Amy Winehouse re-enters the rumor mill

Posted in Quantum of Solace, Wacky Media with tags , , on June 20, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Rolling Stone cover girl Amy Winehouse is back for a second trip around the Bond rumor mill. This time, she’s supposedly singing the Bond 22 theme song (which will, I’m guessing, have a kickier title than “Bond 22”).

Rolling Stone

Amy Winehouse is set to sing the next James Bond theme tune…after catching the attention of composer David Arnold.

Arnold, who composed the last three 007 theme songs, is so impressed with Amy’s husky voice, he wants her to record the next Bond title track.

He told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper, “Amy Winehouse did the best record of last year. I haven’t asked her yet but I think she’d be good, although Bond songs can be a bit of a war zone….

“The books are all done now so this one is going to be an extension of what happens to Bond, continuing the story from ‘Casino Royale’. We haven’t a title yet but anything without death, dying, tomorrow or dies would be fine by me!”

Certainly seems like a legit interview, although notice that the headline and lede both say she’s “set,” but if you read further, she hasn’t even been asked.

The tidbits about the movie’s story are intriguing.

Rumor Mill: Amy Winehouse

Posted in Bond Girls, Quantum of Solace, Wacky Media with tags on May 7, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Here’s the next wacky Bond Girl rumor. Amy Winehouse has supposedly been tapped. The source for this rumor appears to be News of the World. So, snort giggle teehe, yep I believe it.

Amy Winehouse