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Here’s another story from the Hofstra event. This comes from the live, in-person interview with Robert Davi, who played the drug lord Sanchez in Licence to Kill.

Davi was funny. When asked for stories about the filming of LTK, he said, “Look, it was Mexico City, me, Timothy [Dalton], and Benicio [del Toro] going out every night. Tequila was involved. I could tell tales.”

Davi, Dalton, and del Toro are all Method actors, and they bonded (no pun intended) over the acting. At one point, Davi was asked (by Lee Pfeiffer, who conducted the interview), how it was being directed by John Glen. He said they were given a lot of leeway to explore the roles. For example, he said, the way that del Toro said “Honeymoooon.”

“That was an unusual line reading,” he said, “And Benicio got a lot of support to explore that.”

Now, when Benicio del Toro says “We gave her a nice honeymoooon” in LTK, it’s creepy and disturbing and odd. And it sticks in my head. Everyone’s head, I guess, because the audience totally recognized what he was talking about. But what’s interesting to me is the actor’s process. That everyone on-set was aware of how weird that line reading was, and how daring, and paid attention to it (Sanchez wasn’t even in the scene).


Cubby Broccoli and Racism

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Here’s a great story told by Tom Mankiewicz during his video-interview at the Hofstra event.

The boat chase in Live and Let Die, and related scenes, were filmed in Louisiana about fifty miles outside of New Orleans in 1972–73. Mankiewicz was amazed to discover it’s like a completely different world when you get a little ways away from the city. The parish sheriffs have all the power in their communities; state police defer to them entirely.

Now, when a Bond film shows up at a location, they spend a lot of money; Eon would be spending about a million and a half dollars (that’s 1972 dollars) in the parish where they filmed. Well, during the conversation about how filming will proceed, the sheriff says to Cubby “We don’t want to see no nigras driving cars around here.”

Yes. Exact quote.

And Cubby says, “Okay then, we’ll take our million and a half dollars to another parish.” And starts to walk away.

The sheriff calls him back, “Now wait a minute, wait a minute,” he says. “Just keep it down to a dull roar.”

So they agreed to film there, and Cubby issued the order: All cars and trucks would be driven by African-Americans.

Hofstra Event Report in Newsday

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Nice write-up here on the Hofstra Bond event. Tragically, I am not mentioned.

Author appearance in Long Island!

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Hofstra University’s Cultural Center will be hosting Bond, James Bond: The World of 007. The event takes place November 6–8 at Hofstra. I will be appearing on a panel called "Writing Bond" from 2:30–4:30 on November 8, and will be signing books afterwards.

I hope to see you there!