Stamps contest

I have been remiss in not reporting on the Ian Fleming Centenary James Bond stamps, which I’ve read about, and which several of you have emailed me about. I did report on them back in October, but buzz has heated up as they went on sale this week.

Now comes news that a cash prize is at stake for purchasers of the collectible stamps.

There is one “first prize” of £50,000 worth of gold. There are 5 “runners up” prizes of £2,000 worth of diamonds, and there are 100 further runners up prizes of £250 cash.

To enter you must purchase a James Bond Presentation Pack. Contained within the set of stamps is a card containing a website URL and a promotional code. You must enter the code as instructed on the website to discover whether you have won a prize.

Here’s the site where you can enter a code that comes with the stamps, and here’s where you can purchase them.


2 Responses to “Stamps contest”

  1. msherm007 Says:

    The presentation book is lovely and I just purchased one. The stamps themselves are tragically poorly executed.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    How do you mean?

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