We’ve Moved!

Posted in James Bond on January 30, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

Please update your blogrolls, links, and other neato stuff. The full site, with all archives, is now at


Please post comments at the new site, not here. Thanks.


We’re moving

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This blog will be moving to Blog.JamesBondFanBook.com. The software will be done today, and then I have to get the design done, which also (I hope!!) will be done today.

Start re-programming your bookmarks now!

Entertainment Weekly’s Best & Worst Bond Girls

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Riding the wave of Bond news, EW has put together a list of its best and worst Bond girls. (But not in time to get the name of the new movie into the article.)

There’s plenty to agree and disagree with in their choices. Way too much hate on Octopussy, in my opinion, and while I agree with them about Tiffany Case, most fans’ heads will explode at the thought of her on a “Best” list.

I’m sure that they did this same list when Eva Green was cast, but now I can’t find any record of blogging it. Anyway, it’s always fun to look at someone else’s list.

How well do you know booze, James?

Posted in Food & Drink with tags on January 29, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

I can’t get the graphic that goes with this fun quiz to display; I don’t know why. Something in WordPress I think. But click the link to see how well you know alcholic beverages.


Quantum of Solace will have NOTHING from the story

Posted in Quantum of Solace with tags on January 28, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

IGN has an informative interview with Michael Wilson. Read the whole thing, but the money quote is:

Q: Will Quantum of Solace have anything to do with Fleming’s short story.

Wilson: No, it’s completely original, it doesn’t use any part of the short story.

Frosty Birthday Wishes

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Die Another Day actress Rosamund Pike turns 29 today.

Rosamund Pike

Slightly spoilery news about Quantum of Solace

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The London Times has an extensive interview with Mathieu Amalric, mostly about the demands of starring in The Diving Bell and Butterfly, but he also discusses Quantum of Solace.

Before accepting the role, he asked the veteran actor Michael Lonsdale, who played the villainous Sir Hugo Drax in Moonraker, how it had affected his career. “It didn’t change his life,” Amalric says. He adds that the film is “very dark” and the role extremely physical – anything might seem physical after playing Bauby – because of a big fight with Bond at the end. “I’ll have to be in shape for it,” he says.

By the way, Lonsdale played Amalric’s father in Munich (and former Blofeld Max von Sydow—who got it wrong about Amalric in QOS—plays his father in The Diving Bell

Meanwhile, MI6 quotes Gemma Arterton about her character:

Arterton said, “she’s an MI6 agent call Agent Fields and she works for the British Consulate in Bolivia trying to keep Bond under control. But obviously, he’s Bond, so… She sort of comes to a sticky end.”

Finally, CBn has got Daniel Craig talking about Bond’s flaws:

Flaws are important in the character and flaws make for more interesting watching, so there will be mistakes, but hopefully he’ll win the day.