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We’re moving

Posted in Blogging on January 30, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

This blog will be moving to The software will be done today, and then I have to get the design done, which also (I hope!!) will be done today.

Start re-programming your bookmarks now!


I added QOS to the Shorthand page

Posted in Blogging, Quantum of Solace on January 24, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

I guess I’m obsessed.

Just a quick Quantum of Solace note

Posted in Blogging, Quantum of Solace with tags , , on January 24, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

I changed the category “Bond 22” to Quantum of Solace, so anything that was posted in the past few months about rumors, casting, etc. will now be found in that category.

Oh, one more thing. There is another Fleming story title besides the ones I listed: 007 in New York. Not much of a title, and the story itself, what there is of it, is kind of jokey. As a bit of trivia, the story does discuss a character named Solange.

And did I mention? Big news. So happy.

Wow, I feel so abandoned (Open thread)

Posted in Blogging with tags on January 23, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

This blog was averaging a moderate amount of hits for the longest time, then it started climbing. And climbing until I doubled my average for a couple of weeks there, with spikes when casting was announced.

Now you’ve all left. What’s up with that?

I’ve got two new writers who will be joining us here. I’ve announced Matt but then I guess life got a little crazy. He’ll be back. My other writer I’ll announce when he’s actually here so as not to kill you with anticipation twice.

Anyway, with the sudden onset of quiet, now’s a good time to ask what you’d like to see on this site. Pictures are popular and always get tons of hits. I know trivia is often asked so I’ll keep up with that.

So let’s make this an open thread about what kinds of questions you’d like answered, what kind of content you’d like to see, and anything else you want.

Welcome Matt Sherman!

Posted in Blogging with tags on January 15, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

The Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog is getting bigger all the time. My readership has doubled in the last month, and as publicity for the new film gears up, I expect it to double again. It has become too much for one woman to handle.

So I’m delighted to welcome Matt Sherman as a contributer! He is an expert Bondologist and the person who organizes and runs the Bond Collector’s Weekends (ten so far). He is very opinionated (as all Bond fans are) and his knowledge is truly encyclopedic. He never lacks for a Bond quote and is virtually un-stump-able.

Welcome, Matt.

One of the difficulties of a James Bond blog

Posted in Blogging with tags , on January 13, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

…is that you cannot have your spam filters automatically block things with the word “pussy” appearing repeatedly.

Just saying.

The Bloggie Nominations are open

Posted in Blogging with tags on January 7, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

It’s time for nominations for the 2008 Bloggie Awards. I invite you to nominate The Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog in two categories: Best Entertainment Blog and Best Kept Secret (that’s for smaller, lesser-known blogs).

If you’re a fan of AMC’s new show Mad Men, I also invite you to visit (and nominate!) my other blog, Basket of Kisses. Basket of Kisses is eligible in three categories: Best Entertainment Blog, Best Kept Secret, and Best New Blog.

And if you’re not a fan of Mad Men, you really should be.