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How well do you know booze, James?

Posted in Food & Drink with tags on January 29, 2008 by Deborah Lipp

I can’t get the graphic that goes with this fun quiz to display; I don’t know why. Something in WordPress I think. But click the link to see how well you know alcholic beverages.



James Bond Coffee

Posted in Food & Drink, Ian Fleming with tags on August 30, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

I found this article while scanning for Bond news.

Toasted Espresso, a roastery in Auckland’s Takapuna, took the top honour with a blend titled AA7, inspired by James Bond’s 007, at this year’s New Zealand Coffee Festival in Auckland.

On the face of it, it’s one of those silly stories that clutters up the inbox if you’ve got “James Bond” as a search criteria, but in fact, I kind of like it.

In the Ian Fleming novels, Bond always drank coffee, and would sometimes sneer at his countrymen for their habit of drinking tea, which he called “flat, soft, time-wasting opium of the masses”. Bond drank strong, black coffee, and loved Jamaican blends. All of this, of course, is Bond speaking as Ian Fleming’s altar ego.

And so for once, an inane story that is barely about Bond at all actually means something to the Bond aficianado.

Ian Fleming would be ashamed of me

Posted in Food & Drink on July 22, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Premixed Cosmopolitans. Sounds like a sin, right? Well Chi-Chi’s makes ’em by the jug, and it turns out they’re quite tasty. A decent portion of vodka, not too sweet, very acceptable.

See, next week I’ll be going camping (and so don’t be shocked if the blog is inactive). And the coolest thing about the Chi-Chi’s Cosmo is it comes in a plastic bottle. Perfect for throwing into a cooler and hauling into the woods.

I suppose even Bond might be tempted if he had no refrigeration.