No Bond for Winehouse

I feel an I told you so coming on. Rotten Tomatoes reports:

Just as quickly as a Bond girl rumor can arise … it can just as quickly be erased. Someone out there said that singer Amy Winehouse might be appearing in the next James Bond movie. Apparently that someone forgot to tell Amy.

“I’m just not an actress … It can’t be true,” is what Ms. Winehouse told MTV. But there does still seem to be a lingering connection. Simple math indicates she might be contributing a song to “Bond 22.” Makes sense.


2 Responses to “No Bond for Winehouse”

  1. […] see how many we can count. First, she has already denied having been offered a role. Second, the role described in this story is surely a cameo along the […]

  2. […] a month ago. And let’s also remember that the first “no” about Winehouse came last May. But she still gets headlines. […]

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